A Fistful of Wisdom (English, Paperback, unknown)

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A Monk’s Light Musing son Life’s Serious StuffWhat is the sum total of human life? Are we to keep working towards eternally elusive and expanding goals? In our continuous effort to be more productive and ever progressive, we tend to lose sight of the beautiful side of existence – its simplicity. A Fistful of Wisdom reminds us that life is playful and it is demanding, but it is also a gift, a precious and priceless blessing. The more we learn to appreciate the beauty in simple things, the easier our survival. This book reminds us to observe and appreciate each passing moment and experience the pure joy of just being here and now. Bestselling author and mystic Om Swami doles out simple yet profound wisdom about the true meaning of happiness in his characteristic light-hearted way. Inside these pages, you will find a spiritual guru’s lucid solutions to problems and challenges related to modern-day living.

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