Actually … I Met Them (Digitally Signed Copy) (English, Hardcover, Gulzar)

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Darren Hardy has been a leader in the field of personal development for many years. heads The People's Network (TPN) and The Success Training Network (TSTN), two personality development-oriented television networks; Produces and airs thousands of television programs, live shows, interviews and product demonstrations with many of the world's top experts. Darren the person is a sum total of the results of the principles revealed through the book Compound Effect. As an entrepreneur, he owned a company that generated a six-figure income at the age of eighteen, over one million US dollars a year at the age of twenty-four, and five million US dollars a year at the age of twenty-seven. He has mentored thousands of entrepreneurs, advised several large corporations, and served on the executive boards of numerous corporations and nonprofit organizations. He has interviewed leading experts on human performance and achievement, as well as today's top business leaders, revolutionary entrepreneurs, famous athletes, artists and Olympic champions, to discover and share the secrets behind their extraordinary success. He is a popular keynote speaker and appears regularly on national radio and major television programs.

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In The Compound Effect, Darren Hardy reveals the basic principles that drive success. Presents a condensed version of the basic principles that guide the best successes in business, relationships, and beyond. It’s a smooth, tiered model of action that’s free of strategy, hyperbole, and magic, allowing you to double your wins, measure progress, and achieve any desire you desire. Based on the principle that decisions shape your destiny; Everyday decisions, no matter how small, can either lead you to the life you want or disaster. If you are serious about living an extraordinary life, harness the power of compounding to help you achieve the success you desire. This book will teach you: How to win? Every time. to eradicate bad habits that derail your onward journey; You may not even know some of it is there. How to make yourself do things you don’t feel like doing. A difficult, but amazing driving force to master. Learn the speed secrets of the winners. And many more…

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Actually ... I Met Them (Digitally Signed Copy) (English, Hardcover, Gulzar)

449.00499.00 (-10%)

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