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Dow Theory is the foundational bedrock upon which stands the entire edifice of technical analysis and trading. This path-creating theory took shape in the editorials Charles Dow wrote in The Wall Street Journal before his death in 1902. To this day, the theory remains unsurpassed in its ability to capture the market’s behaviour and foresee the direction of financial markets.

In this book, expert trader and market commentator Rakesh Bansal presents his successful and market-tested trading methods based on the principles of Dow Theory. Followed with discipline and correct understanding, these strategies can help you trade the stock market profitably.


  • Concise introduction to Dow Theory and technical analysis
  • The key concepts and tenets of Dow Theory
  • How Dow Theory defines and maps trends
  • Rules and guidelines for trading Dow Theory patterns
  • Plus: 100 real-life examples of trades using Dow Theory, with actual profit numbers, from different and varied phases of the Indian markets, including the volatile, stress-test phase of Demonetisation.

Rakesh Bansal says, “I have learnt from experience that Dow Theory can be used for trading the stock markets profitably. In the stock market, simple, straightforward approaches like Dow Theory help in wealth creation. This book is all about the art and science of profitable trading using Dow Theory.”

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