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Vedes are the most ancient book of the world. The book Vedic Microbiology -a Scientific Approach is an extract of the Vedas taken out and discussed in the context of modern science. Vedic Microbiology is the first attempt made in english version that covers certain important topics and made interesting for the readers. The matters have been discussed with the help of certain diagrams and figures wherever felt necessary so that the subject matter can be grasped easily. Just as students put questions to their teachers, and teachers satisfy them with their answers, similarly in this book, scientific explanations of Vedic hymns (Mantras) have been done through questions and answers as well as major headings and sub-headings. Vedic Microbiology is being taught as a unit/paper at the undergraduate/ postgraduate level in the Department of Botany and Microbiology of Gurukula Kangri (Deemed to be University), Ilaridwar The main topics of covered in this book are Introduction to Vedas, Vedic period, calculation of Vedic period and Aryans Cosmogony (the origin of universe) Names and classification of germs Origin and prevalence of germs Human health and pathogenic germs Prevention from infection (prophylaxis) Elimination of pathogens by sun rays, and medicinal plants Science of Agnihotra.

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