The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari Sanyasi Jisne Apni Sampati Bech Di (Hindi, Paperback, Sharma Robin S.)


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An inspirational book The Monk Who Sold his Ferrari is now considered one of the most popular and thought provoking books in English literature. ‘Sanyasi Jisne Apni Sampati Bech Di’ is the Hindi translation of the same book. It is an ideal guide for people who wish to find balance and peace in their lives. However, unlike other motivational and self-help books which tend to make use of philosophies to put forth their point; this book is a narration of a lawyer’s personal life, his lifestyle that took him to the brink and his self-realization amid the mountains of Himalayas. It has had a positive influence on millions of people worldwide Motivational Book This book encourages the reader to master his or her own mind. Robin Sharma has drawn similarities with Napoleon Hill because all he is trying to convey through this story is that all the individuals must balance their lives by channelling their inner peace and should seek peace at all times. The book helps people to understand their lives better and asks questions that call for soul searching by the readers. Suitable for Today’s Generation The book is apt for the present generation, who are driven not by peace but by money. This book is about respecting your own time, selflessly serving the ones who need it the most and living in the present without thinking about the past or worrying about the future. About the Author Robin Sharma is a renowned leadership and self-help expert and works with companies like Microsoft, GE, FedEx, IBM, Nike, NASA, Yale University and the Young Presidents Organization on their leadership activities. Sharma is also the co-founder of which is a website that helps US veterans in getting integrated with the civilian life. The book is available online for convenient shopping. You can bag this book from A today by following a few easy steps.

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