Complete Scientific Vaastu

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Vaastushaastra is a science. Vaastu defects should be removed scientifically only. Any type of charm, puja, yantra-mantra-tantra, Shri yantra, etc. Do not work to remove Vaastu defects. If the Vaastu defects exist in a religious place then devotees do not prefer going there, however, the God himself resides there. vaastu defects can only be removed by changing the construction of the building. 100% positive results can be obtained if the Vaastu defects are removed properly. All other alternates will only waste money & Time. shri kuldeep Saluja, the author, has a special interest in Vaastu & astrology. He has studied these subjects For 30 years in a scientific manner and many times has challenged the orthodox & traditional beliefs too. He keeps all his advices scientific. He has not only advised in India but also in more than 60 countries of the world. he has published “pyramid vaastu-shirf dhokha” A very successful book in addition to 284 books on Vaastu & fengshui. His work has been published by many famous publishing houses of the country. His articles also have been published in many Indian magazines and in many languages.Staying in a Vaastu suitable house and carrying out business activities in a Vaastu suitable place, can only lead to a happy, simple & wealthy life. This book can make your dreams come true. similarly students who seek deep and practical knowledge of the vaastushaastra will also be benefited by this book.

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