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A body lies in the morgue at the Kakori Hospital. It is fully burnt, and over it lies gold and silver coins from the British era, with Queen Victoria’s profile on them. The killer has, with a thumbpin, tacked a piece of paper to the corpse’s chest. It says, ‘Hindustan Republic Association’. What’s the killer trying to signal? Why is he challenging the police? The coins lying on the dead person’s body are actually the ones looted in 1925 in the famous train robbery of Kakori. And Hindustan Republic Association was a revolutionary group that Chandrashekhar Azad had formed in 1924, and in order to buy weaponry to fight the British, this group had carried out the heist on 9 August 1925. Why is a man murdered in Kakori on this day ninety-four years later? And why is the bike found near the body of a brutally murdered girl have the engine number of the van used in the Pulwama attack? What is the connection between Kakori and Pulwama? As the plot thickens, we find the pathologically corrupt Inspector Ashfaqullah Bismil chasing leads that reveal each time a new, more challenging jigsaw, the pieces of which don’t quite fit.

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Manoj Rajan Tripathi has been in journalism for over thirty years, having worked with leading newspapers and television channels like Dainik Jagaran, Hindustan Times Group, India TV, News 18 and ETV. He is currently heading six channels at Zee channel. This is his first novel.

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