Mossad (Malayalam) (Paperback, Manjul Publishing House)

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The world of espionage and intelligence has always been one of the most brilliantly explored within the ranks. Every move of the spies and intelligence agents, even their whereabouts are closely guarded secrets. This book, ‘Mossad: The Greatest Missions of Israel’s Secret Service’, sheds light on the dark world of the greatest missions of the Israeli secret service. The focus of this book is Israel’s notorious secret agency, the Mossad. It describes the various methods of this intelligence agency and their day-to-day operations. Written by Michael Bar Zohar, this book was first published in 2012 by Eco Publications. This book presents an exciting reading experience by adding breath-taking revelations and lively writing style. The Mossad is often considered one of the best intelligence agencies in the world. From the day it was formed, the Mossad has worked in the most dangerous missions that require the most strategy and intelligence. Through this book, Michael Bar Zohar sheds light on some important moves made by the Mossad and reveals many facts that have been hidden for a long time. Among the many events documented were the destruction of the Syrian nuclear system that would have been a definite threat to Israel, the erasure of Black September, and the capture of Adolf Eichmann, who had a huge bounty on his head. The book also discusses how the Mossad worked to eliminate Iran’s top nuclear scientists who were threatening Israel’s security.

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