Sita (English, Paperback, Narasimhan Bhanumathi)

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There are many books on Hindu astrology. However their perusal is a problem, particularly for the lay readers who do not know Sanskrit. Therefore the author has presented in this book the quintessence of predictive Hindu astrology in a medium understood worldwide. Hindu astrology is sidereal. But in the West most of the astrologers base their calculations and inferences on the tropical zodiac. To cater to their needs and to enable them to convert a tropical chart into a sidereal one, the author has all through provided instructions so that the students and scholars of the West may take full advantage of this textbook. While sticking mainly to the Western terminology, he has utilized essential Hindu terminology where no single word in English could have conveyed the full import of the technical term in Sanskrit. Those who are beginners will find that in perusing this book they can start from the scratch and ascend gradually to the high pinnacles of delineation and judgment. Those who are already acquainted with the subject will find many new rules and the discussions enlightening.

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