The 5 AM Club (Gujarati, Paperback, Sharma Robin)

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The 5 AM Club (Gujarati)p>Now in Gujarati Own your morning, elevate your life legendary leadership and elite performance expert Robin Sharma introduced the 5 am club concept over twenty years ago, based on a revolutionary morning routine that has helped his clients maximise their productivity, activate their best health and bulletproof their serenity in this age of overwhelming complexity. Now, in this life-changing book, handcrafted by the author over a rigorous four year period, you will discover the early-rising habit that has helped so many accomplish epic results while upgrading their happiness, helpfulness and feelings of aliveness. Through an enchanting often amusingly about two struggling strangers who meet an eccentric tycoon who becomes their secret mentor, the 5 am club will walk you through: ■ how great geniuses, business titans and the world’s wisest people start their mornings to produce astonishing achievements ■ a little-known formula you can use instantly to wake up early feeling inspired, focused and flooded with a fiery drive to get the most out of each day ■ a step-by-step method to protect the quietest hours of daybreak so you have time for exercise, self-renewal and personal growth ■ a neuroscience-based practice proven to help make it easy to rise while most people are sleeping, giving you precious time for yourself to think, express your creativity and begin the day peacefully instead of being rushed ■ “insider-only” tactics to defend your gifts, talents and dreams against digital distraction and trivial diversions so you enjoy fortune, influence and a magnificent impact on the world “Robin Sharma books are helping people all over the world lead great lives.” —Paulo Coelho.The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari (Gujarati)Book Summary of The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari Now In Gujarati Sanyasi Jemane Potani Sampati Vechi Nakhi Wisdom to Create a Life of Passion, Purpose, and Peace This inspiring tale provides a step-by-step approach to living with greater courage, balance, abundance, and joy. A wonderfully crafted fable, The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari tells the extraordinary story of Julian Mantle, a lawyer forced to confront the spiritual crisis of his out-of-balance life. On a life-changing odyssey to an ancient culture, he discovers powerful, wise, and practical lessons that teach us to: ? Develop joyful thoughts ? Follow our life’s mission and calling ? Cultivate self-discipline and act courageously ? Value time as our most important commodity ? Nourish our relationships, and ? live fully, one day at a time A Fable About Fulfilling Your Dreams And Reaching Your DestinyWho Will Cry When You Die? (Gujarati)p>Life Lessons From The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari Do you feel that life is slipping by so fast that you might never get the chance to live with the meaning, happiness and joy you know you deserve? If so, then this book will be the guiding light that leads you to a brilliant new way of living. In this easy-to-read yet wisdom-rich manual, the author offers 101 simple solutions to life’s most complex problems, ranging from a little-known method for beating stress and worry to a powerful way to enjoy the journey while you create a legacy that lasts. Robin Sharma is a globally respected humanitarian. Widely considered one of the world’s top leadership and personal optimization advisors, his clients include famed billionaires, professional sports superstars and many Fortune 100 companies. The author’s #1 bestsellers, such as The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari, The Greatness Guide and The Leader Who Had No Title are in over 92 languages, making him one of the most broadly read writers alive today. Go to Robin Sharma’s website for more inspiration and valuable resources to upgrade your life “When you were born, you cried while the world rejoiced. Live your life in such a way that when you die, the world cries while you rejoice.

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The 5 AM Club (Gujarati, Paperback, Sharma Robin)

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