The Rise (English, Paperback, Sielski Mike)

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A Guide to Unleashing the Amazing Power of Your Mind! The book has sold ten lakh copies in the last 70 years! Claude M. Bristol has written this book after doing a lot of her own research into the nature of thoughts and the power of the subconscious. In this book, he shows that through focused thinking, visualization, and steadfast belief, one can achieve any goal. Millions of people have improved their personal and professional lives to a great extent by using the strategies outlined in this book. Among them are scientists, political leaders, screen stars, musicians, writers and other creative people who have achieved great success in life. There are many examples of them in this book. The philosophy proposed here is sure to be a good motivation to make a big change in your life. It’s your turn to make magic happen! .ABOUT THE AUTHOR Born in 1891, Claude M. Bristol, worked as a journalist for many years. These included his work as a police reporter and editor of a Christian church magazine. Through this, he got the opportunity to meet many different people. He joined the army during World War I and worked on a military newspaper.

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