Habits of a Millionaire Mind (English, Paperback, unknown)

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STEVEN SCHUSTER is first and foremost a husband and happy father of two amazing children. Born in an immigrant family, he uniquely understands the human struggle and has devoted his life to finding solutions for them. He is an eager researcher of human psychology, and as he phrases it, the fountain of youth.

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Most of your life is determined by your habits. Therefore, improving your habits can be life-changing. Learning the habits in this book might be the only difference standing between millionaires and you.

Your bad habits keep you from the life you desire. They threaten everything you value and hold dear: health, wealth, relationships, and your peace of mind. For a better life, you have to cultivate better habits and smash bad, toxic ones. How do you do this? Habits are not unchangeable. You learned the old habits, therefore, you can learn new, better habits to replace those harmful ones that cause you pain and dissatisfaction.

If you wonder how the most successful people on earth earned that title, you will find the answer in this book. Find out what mindset mistakes are responsible for your disappointments and learn to act against them consciously.

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