Vedic Mathematics (English, Paperback, Tirthaji Bharati Krsna)

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Vedic Mathematics is based on an ancient technique of calculations obtained from the Vedas. Sri Bharati Krsna Tirthaji rediscovered this form of Mathematics in the early 20th century. He maintained that ancient methods were apt at solving difficult and complex problems. The text is based on the premise that rules of a mathematical order govern the universe.

In Vedic Mathematics, students can expect to find 16 sutras which discuss strategies involved in mental calculation. The text also includes forty chapters dealing with different aspects in mathematics, ranging from simple to complex difficulty levels. Some of the arithmetic topics that are covered are Factorization, Complex Mergers, Straight Squaring, Simple Equations, Quadratic Equations, Cubic Equations, Recurring Decimals, Vedic Numerical Codes, Simultaneous Quadratic Equations, Partial Fractions, Analytical Conics, Arithmetical Computations, Cube Roots, and Auxiliary Fractions.

Vedic Mathematics is written in a lucid style, and has been widely used in schools.

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