Bolna Hi Hai by Raviish Kumar

Bolna Hi Hai by Raviish Kumar

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Whenever someone tells me that you are not afraid to speak, fear strikes me. I go to the ravish of my childhood who used to start chanting Hanuman Chalisa in the evening while passing under a vine tree. Jai Bajrang used to speak profusely. Someone had heard that there are ghosts on the vine tree. Take it from behind. When there was no one on the way, I used to run with slippers in my hand. The same situation used to happen in the cinema hall. As soon as the light of the cinema hall was extinguished, he used to get nervous and would close his eyes when the scene of the crime took place. Aaj Tak could not see any rape scene in any film with open eyes. I'm so afraid. The fear of failing on exam days used to hit me every day. It was easy to read. The months of March and April used to be very sad due to lack of science subjects. In a moment of similar fear, my father told me - "If you study slowly throughout the year, there is no need to study during exam days. There is no need to be afraid either." This thing was remembered for a long time. I won this fear while coming to Delhi for graduation. When all the friends used to go to Patna during the summer holidays, I used to sit in the library and work on my fears. I became friends with BA examinations. It was before that. The board was leaving the house for the math test during the exam. At that time, wept so much that Babuji had to go together. A bucket was filled with water in the door and a rose was placed in it. Like it is kept at the time of farewell of a girl. I was not leaving the house. I don't know why Babuji went with him that day. By the way, he never meant that in which class I study, in which subject I am weak, in which I am good. I remembered to go with him that day. He was missing out on St. Xavier's School. I came to know that I should cry once more. They continued to explain why you are so afraid. Do not panic. They did not know that the reasons for fear were the same. Failure was due to his anger, not his life.
About the Author
Usually a big recognition in the hearts of people by the name of 'Raviish with NDTV'. Those looking for a 'permanent address' in the city of Delhi, moving from village Jitwarpur in Motihari district of Bihar. Launcher Launches New Concept. Blogger of 'Kasba'. His biggest introduction in our time today - Ravish Kumar with 'Ravish Report', 'Prime Time'. The first book in Hindi was titled Ishq Mein Shahar Hona, which was later published in English translation as 'A City Happens in Love'. In 2018, the first book was published in English called 'The Free Voice', which has also been translated into Marathi and Kannada.

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Publisher : Rajkamal Prakashan
Language : Hindi
Paperback : 240 pages
ISBN-10 : 9388933613
ISBN-13 : 9789388933612
Item Weight : 220 g
Dimensions : 20 x 14 x 4 cm
Country of Origin : India
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