Ek Tha Doctor Ek Tha Sant by Arundhati Roy

Ek Tha Doctor Ek Tha Sant by Arundhati Roy

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To understand and deal with inequality in present-day India, Arundhati Roy insists that we have to test both political development and the influence of Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi. One has to wonder why the enlightened challenge given by Bhimrao Ambedkar to the almost divine image of Gandhi was suppressed by the Indian elite. In Roy's analysis, we see that Ambedkar's fight for justice was systematically sidelined in favor of caste-strengthening policies, the result of which is that the current Indian nation, today independent of British rule, is powerful at a level, But even today, which is immersed in the caste system.
The excerpt of this book has been published with the permission of Rajkamal Prakashan Group.
We all know that there were many stars in the Indian national movement. The movement has also been the subject of a Hollywood blockbuster, which won eight Oscars International Awards. There is a custom in India, of public opinion polls, to publish books and magazines, in which we keep reorganizing the hierarchy of our founding fathers (mothers are not included in it) up and down in different hierarchies and structures. Huh. Strong critics of Mahatma Gandhi are also present, but his name always comes to the Surrey list. For the sake of seeing others, the Father of the Nation is separated and put in a separate category: after Mahatma Gandhi, who is the greatest Indian? Dr. Ambedkar comes to the first line almost every time. (Although Richard Attenborough's film Gandhi did not have even a glimpse of Dr. Ambedkar, while the Government of India money was spent in the production of this film). One of the reasons for his election in this list is his role in framing the Indian Constitution. The merits of his life and thinking — his politics and his passion — are not selected for him. You may realize that his name in the list is due to reservations and political justice. But below this continues to be the defendant's whispers against him- 'opportunistic' (because he worked as a Labor member of the Executive Council of the British Viceroy, 1942-46), 'British puppet' (because he made the British government's first round-table Accepted the invitation to the conference, when the Congressmen were being imprisoned for breaking salt laws), 'separatists' (because they wanted separate electorates for the untouchables), 'anti-nationals' (because they chose the Muslim League of Pakistan Supported the demand for, and because he suggested that Jammu and Kashmir be divided into three parts). No matter how he has been called by any name, the fact is that neither on Ambedkar nor on Gandhi can any label be easily pasted — whether it is 'pro-imperialist' or 'imperialist'. Anti '. Their confrontation complicates our understanding of imperialism and the struggle against it, while perhaps enriching it as well. Is caste annihilation possible? Not until we rearrange our sky stars. Not until he, who calls himself revolutionary, develops an inclined critical analysis of Brahmanism. Not even until those who understand Brahmanism are able to sharpen their critical analysis of capitalism. And not until we read Baba Sahib Ambedkar. If not in the classrooms of schools, then it is right outside the classrooms, but be sure to read. Otherwise, we will remain the same, whom Baba Sahib called the 'diseased men and women' of India, and who have no desire to be well and healthy.

About the Author

Arundhati Roy studied architecture. She is the author of 'The God of Small Things' for which she received the 1997 Booker Prize and 'The Ministry of Almost Happiness'. Both these novels have been translated into more than forty languages ​​worldwide. He has written several conceptual books, including 'The Algebra of Infinite Justice', 'Listening to Grasshoppers' and 'Broken Republic'. 'My Cdious Heart' is a compilation of his entire non-fiction compositions. She is the recipient of the 2002 Lanan Cultural Freedom Award and the 2015 Mahatma Jotiba Phule Award. She lives in Delhi. Anil Yadav is a doctor and hospital administrator by profession 'Jaihind'. ESI made for the workers of India. He was a member of the Government of India Committee for the improvement of the hospitals and schemes of the Corporation. The author of the book is 'Netaji Subhash Ka Awaan'. Ratan Lal is a graduate of Delhi University and a Ph.D. She has been engaged in teaching and research for almost two decades. And how many Rohit, Kashi Prasad Jaiswal: The Making of a 'Nationalist' Historian, Kashi Prasad Jaiswal Sanchayan (in three volumes), Kashi Prasad Jaiswal (Memoirs, Tributes, Criticism) are his published books. Also active as a socio-political activist. Is an Associate Professor of History at Hindu College, (Delhi University).

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Publisher : Rajkamal Prakashan
Language : Hindi
Paperback : 176 pages
ISBN-10 : 9388933052
ISBN-13 : 9789388933056
Item Weight : 210 g
Dimensions : 20 x 14 x 4 cm
Country of Origin : India

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